Metaphor Island – Book

Five Guides from a Mountainous Landscape in Southern India to Save Life on the Planet

'Metaphor Island' is the result of 7 years of research on the Plant Ecology of the Nilgiris. It delivers poignant findings that will enable us to restore global ecosystems. In the book, ground level research and its findings are combined with an analysis of the Earth’s current climate scenario. This combination brings to light critical aspects that conventional environmentalism is fatally missing. The book aims to impart a much needed ecological understanding, on which decision-making at every level should be based.

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Why we need
Ecological Restoration

Climate change and human intervention are altering ecosystems, changing habitats and affecting livelihoods across the world. Now is the time for action and solutions.

Recreating native ecosystems is a way to aid the natural path to carry out its subtle and complex functions.

Grasslands play a big role in carbon sequestration in the soil, keeping it healthy. They also contribute to cleaning water and preventing floods, both of which are essential as deforestation and soil erosion grow rampant. .

Meet Some of our Native Plants

Currently upstream ecology's restoration work happens in the Nilgiri plateau of Southern India. It is the last home for a high diversity of native plants and a special kind of ecosystem known as the shola grasslands.

An Osmunda hugeliana fern growing by the stream side of a cloud forest

An Osmunda hugeliana fern growing by the stream side of a cloud forest

IMG_0655 (1)

A calanthe triplicata orchid growing inside a cloud forest


A Strobilanthes wightiana (kurinji) flower


New leaves of the Litsea wightiana tree of shola forests


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