Visual Analytics

How can Visual Analytics help us foster the change the world needs?

As part of our ongoing research, we are examining current methods of representing and transferring information. Our world today is filled with opinions, ideologies and increasingly hard hitting facts. 

Yet, despite all the overwhelming evidence, constructive action is often missing or misguided.   As a response, we are exploring visual analytics as a new, more powerful way to represent concepts. Visually representing provides a more seminal, direct impact and understanding of ground realities. Beyond this, bringing in a layer of analysis helps to make findings based on visual representations, such as with spatial characteristics and by breaking down complexities. The interplay of data visualization and visual analytics could be the missing link to inspiring action.  

 Vasanth has been working on a set of solutions that will explore these visual analysis methods. This research will also include a second book, which goes into the fundamentals of how we observe our environment and nature.