Native Plant Nursery

In our Nursery, we grow several species of native trees, grasses, and shrubs and herbs. These are plants native to the Nilgiri Biosphere region.

Our nursery was set up in 2012 with assistance from Shola Trust, Gudalur.  At the nursery we are continually working with many native tussock grass species to isolate populations that produce viable seeds. We wish to help coordinate the set up of more nurseries that grow these planta and harvest seeds for propogations, in larger numbers.   One major issue with the grasslands is that a majority of native tussock grasses are not flowering - hence producing seed Our biggest success thus far has been to isolate the rare flower producing grasses and breed them so we get a a variety that produces viable seeds for replanting. Preserving and using these rare flowering plants can help us grow healthy populations of the grass (Chrysopogon nodulibarbis). Since then  we've collaborated with organisations such as The Shola Trust, Gurukula Botanical Sanctuary and with the Tamil Nadu Forest Department to recover land, improve biodiversity and maintain traditional ecosystems.